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Office Manager & Head of Happiness

Responsibilities:Oversee daily office operations, including greeting visitors with a wagging tail and enthusiastic barks. Manage the office supply inventory, with a keen eye for keeping treats and toys fully stocked. Coordinate team meetings by strategically placing chew toys and tennis balls for maximum engagement.Ensure office morale remains high by providing cuddles, belly rubs, and occasional slobbery kisses.Spread joy and positivity throughout the office by wagging tail vigorously at all times. Act as a stress-relief specialist, offering therapeutic cuddle sessions to anyone in need. Organize daily "Pawsitivity Breaks" to boost team morale and productivity. Monitor employee happiness levels and adjust treat distribution accordingly.

How I became Office Manager & Head of Happines

My Experience

Bentley is a seasoned professional in the art of office management and happiness enhancement. With years of experience in tail wagging, enthusiastic greetings, and unconditional love, Bentley brings a unique skill set to the team. His extensive background in spreading joy and positivity has earned him the esteemed title of Office Manager & Head of Happiness. Throughout his career, Bentley has demonstrated a remarkable ability to boost morale, alleviate stress, and foster a collaborative work environment. His dedication to the well-being of his colleagues is unparalleled, making him an indispensable asset to the team. Bentley's commitment to excellence and his passion for spreading happiness make him the perfect candidate for any office looking to create a pawsitive work culture.


Tail Wagging

Stress Relief

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