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Case Study - Construction Business

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Case Study: Transforming an Insulation Company’s Digital Presence

Client: Insulation Solutions company

Project Scope : Website Development, Local SEO, Paid Media Campaigns PPC

Projected ROI: 10X on investment

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When Jay first approached Hashtag Marketing, they were a fledgling company operating out of a single location. Their primary challenge was to establish a strong local presence and attract a steady stream of customers despite being new to the market.


Our strategy began with building a robust, user-friendly website tailored to their services and target audience. The website was optimized for local SEO to ensure that potential customers in their vicinity could easily find them through online searches. This included keyword optimization, creating locally relevant content, and ensuring accurate business listings across various platforms.


Website Development

We designed and developed a website that showcased their services, offered easy navigation, and included features such as online booking and customer testimonials to build trust.

Local SEO Optimization

By targeting specific local keywords and creating high-quality content related to insulation services, we improved their visibility in local search results.

Ongoaing Management

We ensured that Insulation Solutions company was accurately listed on Google My Business and other relevant directories, which enhanced their local search presence and credibility.


Within a year, Insulation Solutions company. expanded from one location to four. Each new location was fully booked shortly after opening, demonstrating the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategy. The combination of a well-optimized website and strong local SEO presence played a critical role in their rapid growth and continued success.


By partnering with Hashtag Marketing, Insulation Solutions company successfully transitioned from a single-location startup to a thriving business with four fully booked locations. This case study highlights the power of targeted digital marketing and the importance of a well-executed local SEO strategy in driving business growth and success.


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